Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Civil | Assistant Engineer Civil

Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Civil | Assistant Engineer Civil Job ID No10151

December 23, 2021 Circular Notification Bankers Selection Committee 05 Banks and 01 Financial Institutions in the year 2020 based on “Senior Officer (Engineer-Civil)” / “Assistant Engineer (Civil)” Applications are being invited online from. Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Civil | Assistant Engineer Civil Job ID No10151


Post Name Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Civil | Assistant Engineer Civil
Organization Name Bangladesh Bank BB
Application Start See Circular
Application Deadline 25/01/2022
Vacancy 58
Age Limit 30, Freedom Figter 32
Employment Status Full Time
Educational Qualification See Circular
Job Source
Institution Website

Bangladesh Bank, the central bank and apex regulatory body for the country’s monetary and financial system, was established in Dhaka as a body corporate vide the Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 (P.O. No. 127 of 1972) with effect from 16th December, 1971. At present it has ten offices located at Motijheel, Sadarghat, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barisal, Rangpur and Mymensingh in Bangladesh; total manpower stood at 5807 (officials 3981, subordinate staff 1826) as on March 31, 2015.

In the South Asian region a major landmark was the establishment of the Hindustan Bank in 1700 at Kolcutta. Dhaka Bank started to operate in1806. Banks established in this region during the British period include Kurigram Bank (1887), Kumarkhali Bank(1896), Mahalaxmi Bank, Chittagong bank(1910), Dinajpur Bank(1914), Comilla Banking Corporation (1914) and Comilla Union Bank(1922). Major Indian Banks also had branches in this territory. In Europe prior to the 17th century most money was Commodity Money, typically Gold or silver. However, promises to pay were widely circulated and accepted as value at least five hundred years earlier in both Europe and Asia. The medieval European Knights Templar ran probably the best known early prototype of a central banking system. At about the same time, Kublai Khan of the Mongols introduced Fiat Currency to China, which was imposed by force by the confiscation of Specie. Although central banks are generally associated with fiat money, under the international Gold Standard of the nineteenth and early twentieth century’s central banks developed in most of Europe and in Japan, though elsewhere Free Banking or Currency Boards were more usual at this time. Problems with collapses of banks during downturns, however, was leading to wider support for central banks in the respective nations which did not as yet possess them, most notably in Australia.

As the first public bank to “offer accounts not directly convertible to coin”, the Bank of Amsterdam established in 1609 is considered to be the “first true central bank”. This was followed in 1694 by the Bank of England, created by Scottish businessman William Paterson in the City of London at the request of the English government to help pay for a war.
BB performs all the core functions of a typical monetary and financial sector regulator, and a number of other non core functions. The major functional areas include :

Formulation And Implementation Of Monetary And Credit Policies.
Regulation And Supervision Of Banks And Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Promotion And Development Of Domestic Financial Markets.
Management Of The Country’s International Reserves.
Issuance Of Currency Notes.
Regulation And Supervision Of The Payment System.
Acting As Banker To The Government.
Money Laundering Prevention.
Collection And Furnishing Of Credit Information.
Implementation Of The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.
Managing A Deposit Insurance Scheme .

Total 58 Post:
Senali Bank Ltd.-01,
Janata Bank Ltd.-12,
Agrani Bank Ltd.-25,
Bangladesh Krishi Bank-03
Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation-01
and Expatriate Welfare Bank-18


Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Civil Assistant Engineer Civil Online Application Process


6.  Age: (25/03/2020)
A) Maximum 30 years for all candidates except children of freedom fighters and physically handicapped.
B) Maximum 32 years in case of children of freedom fighters and physically challenged candidates. .
7.Last date and time for submission of application and payment of fees Date: 25/01/2022, 11.59 pm.
8. Last date and time to collect Verify Payment and Tracking Page: 26/01/2022, 11.59 pm.

9. Application Fee:

Examination Fee Non-refundable TK . 200 / – (TK. 200 only). Payment Gateway ‘Rocket’ of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
In this prepaid method the applicant has to pay the fee using his own or agent account.

10. Application Procedure

A. Online Registration: Scheduled only on Bangladesh Bank Employment Website ( You have to register online and apply by filling the table. Detailed terms and conditions for submission of application can be found on the website.
B. CV ID Number: Existing CV ID Number and Password of the candidates already registered in the system of Bangladesh Bank
Application must be submitted using. New candidates will receive a CV ID Number and Password when they register online, which must be saved for future use.
C. Candidate Details: Candidate’s name, father’s and mother’s name must be written in the online application according to SSC or equivalent certificate.
D. Current Address of the Candidate: Mention the current address of the candidate and the address he / she wishes to receive the letter of appointment as the current address.
Have to.

E. Permanent Address of the Candidate: Permanent mentioned in the Nationality Certificate issued by the Chairman of the Union Parishad / Mayor / Ward Councilor of the candidate.
The address should be mentioned as the permanent address of the candidate. Married female candidates can use their husband’s address as their permanent address. However, unmarried female candidates can change their permanent address in favor of their husband’s permanent address subject to proper proof if they are married after submission of application.



F. Photo: Candidates who have already registered can use existing photo. However, the new candidate must be in the designated place.
No more than 600×600 pixels and file size not more than 100 KB. Do not cover the face and ears while taking pictures. Pictures in black and white Uploading an informal photo will be considered as cancellation of direct candidacy.

G. Signature: Candidate’s own signature scan should not be more than 300×80 pixels and file size 60 KB in the specified place.
To be uploaded. The signature must be in black ink on white paper.

H. Date of result of the degree obtained: The date of publication of the result of the relevant degree published by the Controller of Examinations must be specified.

I. Candidates with Foreign Degree: If the candidate has passed ‘0 Level and‘ A ’Level, the equivalent certificate issued by the concerned education board of the country. and Degree and result (including class / department / GPA / CGPA referrals) during oral examination as per equivalent certificate issued by the concerned concerned university / university grant commission / Ministry of Education or appropriate authority in case of obtaining degree from foreign university. Must be submitted to Baird. Otherwise the candidate will not be able to participate in the oral examination.

J. Institution Preference Order: Institution Preference Order considering each of the institutions mentioned in the recruitment notification to the candidates in the online application.
To be determined. The shortlisted candidates will be nominated for the post in the respective institutions subject to the vacancies in the order of merit obtained and the order of preference mentioned in the online application. After submitting the application, the applied institution is in the preferred order The situation cannot be changed.


Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Online Application Fee Payment Method

K. Application Fee Payment Method: https: // erecruitment to know more about the application fee payment method. Visit the website Fees have to be paid using Prepaid Payment Method of Payment Gateway ‘Rocket’ of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. Prepaid Payment Method: Select Bankers Selection Committee Secretariat or 499 as Biller ID to pay the fee in both Rocket Apps or Manual. The next step is to pay the fee using the relevant information including the relevant Job ID Number, 1st part of your CV ID Number (Hyphen (-) previous part 6, the amount of fee). Candidate must complete Payment Verify separately using the TxnID number obtained. Otherwise apply
Will remain incomplete.

L. Verify Payment: TxnID received after paying the fee to the candidates by placing it in the specified field of erecruitment site of Bangladesh Bank. Payment Verify must be completed. If the applicant has not completed Payment Verify, then Admit card
Can’t download. Dr. Tracking Page Collection: A Tracking with Tracking ID Number to the candidate after completion of Payment Verify
Page will be provided. The tracking page needs to be saved for future use. Only by saving the Tracking Page will the candidate’s application be considered completed. Duplicate of Tracking Page in any corner after the allotted time
Copy will not be provided. . Candidate’s name, father’s and mother’s name, permanent district, date of birth, photo, signature and other information in the online application are very carefully.
Must be met accurately. Initially eligible candidates subject to verification of overall information, photo, signature etc. provided in the application.
Opportunity to participate in the test will be provided. Applications with incomplete / incorrect information will be rejected without any communication.

11. Notification regarding the date of admission and selection test of the initially eligible candidates. Appointment of Bangladesh Bank in a timely manner. Will be published on the website and in the daily national newspaper.

12. Candidates are required to participate in the preliminary selection, written and oral examinations.

13. Candidates do not have to send any documents while applying online. Candidates who have passed the written test are given online application Appropriate Certificate / Certificate in favor of each information should be submitted on the day of oral examination. If any substantive error is found in verifying the accuracy of the information given by the candidate in the online application, it is not possible to participate in the oral examination. Moreover, the panel at the end of the oral examination Candidates will not be included in the panel even if any type of error is observed during the preparation.

14. Candidates seeking employment must apply with the prior approval of their employing authority and on the day of oral examination
Copy must be displayed.

15. In case of recruitment, the latest government policy and other rules and regulations related to quotas will be followed properly.
Special Note: Do not wait for the last date and time to submit the application form with sufficient time in hand, pay the prescribed fee and complete the Payment Verify: It is advised to save the Tracking Page in hardcopy format. Application will not be accepted if you submit fee using wrong Job ID or wrong CV ID or do not verify the payment.

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Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Civil Assistant Engineer Civil
Bangladesh Bank Senior Officer Civil Assistant Engineer Civil

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