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CAG Computer Operator Job Circular

Department of Finance, Memorandum No. 08.00.0000. of the Ministry of Finance, Date: 11-02-2021. In view of obtaining clearance for filling up of vacancies through this, the following salary qualifications are mentioned in the office of the Comptroller General of Accounts and the offices under it for the recruitment of manpower on temporary basis in the following permanent posts from 13th grade to 16th grade. Applications are being invited online ( website) within the stipulated time from genuine Bangladeshi citizens with educational qualifications and the following conditions. Applications sent through any medium other than online will not be accepted.


Post Name Computer Operator
Organization Name Controller General of Accounts (CGA)
Application Start 12/01/2022
Application Deadline 27/01/2022
Vacancy 02
Age Limit 30, Freedom Fighter 32
Employment Status Full Time
Educational Qualification See Circular
Job Source
Institution Website

Description of CGA office:

The Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) was setup by an Office Memorandum of the Finance Division (FD) in 1985. Previously known as the office of the Accountant General – AG (Civil), Bangladesh, this office traces its origin back to 1947 when it was named as Office of the Accountant General. Creation of the CGA office paved the way for departmentalization of government accounts in Bangladesh. The Comptroller & Auditor General  of Bangladesh was relieved of his responsibility to prepare accounts for the Government with the responsibility for keeping of accounts devolving on individual Ministry or Division. The CGA is responsible for compilation and consolidation of government accounts. The CGA office acts independently under the administrative control of the Finance Division but seeks general guidance from the CAG on accounting principles and procedures. It prepares Monthly Accounts, Finance and Appropriation accounts of the Government of Bangladesh; supervises the works of the Divisional Controller of Accounts, the District Accounts and Finance Officers and the Upazilla Accounts Officers in the discharge of their responsibility for payments of claims of all civil officers and government entities and preparation of initial accounts of respective offices; administers all above mentioned pay and accounts offices including the offices of CAFOs of the Ministries and Divisions; ensures accuracy and timeliness of accounts; supplies data and information of accounts according to the requirements of the Finance Division; ensures reconciliation of accounts between government pay & account offices and Bangladesh Bank & Sonali Bank and between government pay and accounts offices and the executive offices drawing claims from these offices.



CAG Computer Operator Job Circular
CAG Computer Operator Job Circular


The following conditions are essential to complete the application form and participate in the test:
1. Minimum 18 years on the date of commencement of the application (12/01/2022 AD) and Memorandum No. 05.00.0000. on the Ministry of Public Administration, dated: 19/08/2021 AD. Metabek 25/03/2020 AD. Maximum age of the candidate on the date:
(i) 30 years in case of all candidates (except sons and daughters of freedom fighters and physically handicapped).
(ii) 32 years in case of sons and daughters of freedom fighters / martyrs but 30 years in case of sons and daughters of freedom fighters / martyrs
(iii) 32 years in case of physically challenged candidates.
(iv) Affidavit is not admissible in case of proof of age.

2. In the case of direct employment, the existing quota system of the government is related to the revision of the rule-1 branch of the Ministry of Public Administration 04/10/2018 AD. The recruitment process will be completed following the procedure described in Circular No. 05.00.0000.

3. Candidates working in government, semi-government and autonomous organizations must apply with the permission of the appropriate authority. Permission
Copies must be presented during the oral examination.
4. No TA / DA will be provided for participation in written and oral examinations.
5. Appointment of job seekers in any part of Bangladesh under the control of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General.
Will be done.
. The Authority reserves the right to increase / decrease the number of posts and to cancel / amend the notification of appointment.
. A candidate can apply for all the posts mentioned in the advertisement. However, if the examination is held for more than one post on the same date and time
Anyone can participate in the examination of a post.
. The decision of the appointing authority regarding the appointment will be final.


CAG Computer Operator Job Circular
CAG Computer Operator Job Circular


CAG Computer Operator Job Application Process

6. Application Form Terms:

(A) Candidates wishing to participate in the examination under this notification should fill up the application form on the website

You can. The application deadline is as follows:

(i) Date and time of commencement of online application and submission of examination fee: 12/01/2022 AD. Morning: 10:00

(ii) Last date and time for submission of application form online: 27/01/2022 AD. Afternoon: 05:00 hours. Candidates who have received User ID within that period will be able to submit the application form online within the next 72 (seventy two) hours.

You can submit the examination fee via SMS.

(B) Photo uploaded:

Candidates (Length x Width) should not be less than 300×300 pixels (File Size is not more than 100KB acceptable) in the designated place of online application and oil color picture should be uploaded no more than three months in advance. Note that pictures in black will not be acceptable. If the picture is not printed in the applicant’s copy, the application form will be rejected. Oily pictures will not be accepted after sunglasses. Home Page Help | (Photo & signature Validator) Click on the menu to get detailed instructions about Photo and Signature.

(C) Signature uploaded:

Candidates (Length x Width) should not be less than 300×60 pixels (File Size more than 60KB) at the designated place of application form online.

Not acceptable) Signature of such size should be uploaded. If the signature is not printed on the applicant’s copy, the application will be rejected.

(D) Since the information filled in the application form online will be used in all subsequent activities, to submit the application form online

The candidate himself will be 100% sure about the accuracy of all the information already filled (corresponding to the relevant certificate).

(E) The candidate shall keep a printed copy of the application form filled online for any examination related assistance and

Submit one copy during the oral examination.


CAG Computer Operator Application Payment Process

(F) Rules for sending SMS and payment of examination fee: Instructions for filling up the Application Form properly online.

After submitting the application form by uploading the relevant picture and signature, the Applicant’s Preview will be seen on the computer along with the picture. Candidates who have completed the submission of application will get a User ID, photo and a signed Applicant’s copy. If any information in the applicant’s copy is incorrect or the obscure picture (full black / full white / gray) or the picture / signature is not correct then you can re-apply. However, since no further changes / modifications / additions are acceptable after the submission of application fee, the candidate must download the PDF copy of his / her latest oil color picture, accurate information and signature attached to the applicant’s copy and print it in color before submitting the application fee. Save. Applicant’s copy will have a User ID number and using the User ID number, the candidate can send 02 (two) SMS through teletalk pre-paid mobile number in the following manner. – With money (non-refundable) Mate 112 / – Taka (one hundred times) [Deposit within not more than 72 (seventy two) hours. It is important to note here that even if all the parts of the application form are filled and submitted online, the application form will not be accepted till the examination fee is paid. Candidates will do the work of online application and deposit. In this case, the authority will not be responsible if the candidate is deceived by completing the work through any other means.


First SMS: CGA <space> User ID to be sent to 16222.


Example: CGA ABCDEF Reply: Applicant’s Name, TK. 112 – will be charged as application fee. Your PIN is XXXXXX,


Second SMS: CGA <space> Yes <space> PIN and send to 16222.


Example: CGA Yes XXXXXX Reply: Congratulations Applicant’s Name, payment completed successfully for CGA Application for post xxxXXXXXxx User ID is (ABCDEF) and Password (XXXXXXXXXXXX).


After sending the second SMS, you will get the password in the return SMS. Candidates will save this password for Admit Card download.


(G) Receipt of Admission Certificate shall be made in due course on the website or on the website of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General: and via SMS on the candidate’s mobile phone (only eligible candidates). All the information related to the examination will be done on the mobile phone provided by the candidate in the online application form.


(H) Using the User ID and Password sent in the SMS, the next rail number, position name, picture, exam date, time and center.

Candidates can download and print the entry form with name etc. by printing (if possible colored). Candidates must show this entry form at the time of participation in the written test and also at the time of passing the oral test. Admit Card

Admission card) The date of download will be informed later via SMS.


(I) Only from Teletalk pre-paid mobile phone candidates can recover their respective User ID and Password by following the following SMS method.

(i) If User ID is known: CGA <space> Help <space> User <space> User ID & Send to 16222. Example: CGA Help User ABCDEF & Send to 16222.


Auditor Circular CAG

(ii) If PIN Number is known.

CGA <space> Help <space> PIN <space> PIN NO & Send to 16222.


Example: CGA Help PIN 12345678 & Send to 16222


  1. Verification of eligibility of the candidate


(A) If the information or documents submitted by the candidate are proved to be fake, false or forged or forged or misused in the examination

If so, the candidature of the concerned candidate will be canceled and appropriate legal action will be taken against him. Incorrect information / fake documents

Authorities reserve the right to cancel a candidate’s candidacy at any stage, if any.

CGA Auditor Online Application Process CGA teletalk com bd | CGA gov bd

(B) Original copies of the following documents should be shown during the oral examination and at least 1 attested photocopy of each should be submitted by the Gazetted Officer of 9th grade.

(i) Certificate of all educational qualifications of the candidate. |

(ii) The candidate who is a resident of the Union Parishad / Municipality is the Chairman of the Union Parishad / Mayor of the Municipality / Ward of the City Corporation

Certificate of citizenship issued by the councilor.

(iii) Copy of certificate issued by the social service office in case of physically handicapped candidate.


(iv) Certificate of Character issued by a Gazetted Officer of at least 9th grade.


(v) Attested copy of National Identity Card / Birth Certificate.


(vi) Copy of Applicant’s copy filled in online and copy of admission card.

(vii) Permission letter from the appropriate authority in case of candidates working in government, semi-government and autonomous organizations.

(viii) In case of sons / daughters of freedom fighters / martyrs freedom age is relaxed up to 32 years. If any candidate mentions in the application form as son / daughter of freedom fighter / martyr and son / daughter of son / daughter, then the candidate has to submit the following documents / information as proof of identity of freedom fighter.


  1. Issued by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs on 16.10.2020. Dated 46.00.0000.003. In Circular No.

Candidate applying in any of the mentioned proofs / gazettes should have the name of the child / child of the heroic freedom fighter / martyr freedom fighter. The name, father’s name and address of the heroic freedom fighter / martyr mentioned in the paper submitted with the said name should be one and the same.


  1. In order to verify that the applicant is a child of the freedom fighter / child of the martyred freedom fighter / Permanent address of the concerned heroic freedom fighter / Martyr freedom fighter, name of the father / mother of the candidate issued by the mayor of the city corporation / mayor / mayor / ward councilor / chairman of the union parishad There should be a clear proof of his relationship with the heroic freedom fighter / martyr freedom fighter with the mention of the child’s name. E. Copy of Certificate and Gazette issued by Hon’ble Prime Minister counter-signed by Bangladesh Muktijeddha Sangsad (BAMUS).

(ix) Disability Certificate issued by the Ministry of Social Welfare will be applicable in case of disabled candidates.

(x) Equivalence of degree holders from foreign universities issued by the Ministry of Education / University Grants Commission

| Certificate (Equivalent Certificate) must be submitted during the oral examination.


(C) If the candidate is not a citizen of Bangladesh or marries a person who is not a citizen of Bangladesh

Be convicted or convicted of moral turpitude by a criminal court or government or

Dismissed from a job in an autonomous organization or local authority, but he will not be considered eligible to apply.


  1. Any lobbying or personal contact will be considered as disqualification of the candidate.



  1. Auditorium will be provided from the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General on the basis of the application of the disabled candidates who need a scribe.

Candidates with disabilities who are required to have a handwriting requirement must submit an application for receipt of handwriting along with a medical certificate, photograph and a copy of handicapped identity card along with the Chairman of the Divisional Selection Committee within the time specified by the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General.

CGA Auditor Online Application Process CGA teletalk com bd | CGA gov bd

  1. Notice of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, Rules for filling up the application form online, Rules for payment of examination fee through SMS and all the information related to the examination can be found on and web site.
  2. The notification is in addition to the magazine ( on the website and through or QR Code Scan is the job portal of Teletalk, the only state mobile operator in Bangladesh. The notification can also be found by accessing the website directly. In advertising

The latest quota policy of the government will be followed in formulating the final recommendation of the mentioned posts / positions.

  1. If you have any problem to apply online, you can call 121 from Teletalk number or 01500 121121 from any operator. Alternatively, or can be e-mailed. (Organization Name ‘CGA’, Post Name * * * * *, Applicant’s User ID and Contact Number must be mentioned in the Subject of the mail.)


CAG Computer Operator Job Circular
CAG Computer Operator Job Circular


CAG Computer Operator Job Circular PDF Download





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